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Liz is confirmed for Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta, GA -  5/4
 at SunFest in West Palm Beach, FL - 5/6

Shaky knees
Liz Brasher is a newly-minted, Good-God-Hallelujah, shining example of the great American melting pot.”

Jessie Scott (NPR Music)

NPR Music welcomes 20 new artists, including Liz Brasher, to Slingshot, a collective effort among taste-making music stations to introduce exceptional emerging artists.

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Brasher's strain of soul is one that's flush with lyrical nods to Biblical images, Rubber Soul harmonies and a gruff reverence to its southern roots.”


Though she can be labeled as a “soul” or “folk” artist, she is both and neither simultaneously. Her sound defies genre labels and exists as a fusion of many styles. This makes it irresistible.”

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